marina-roggeveenMarina’s first experience with artsREACH was as a volunteer at the first Colour Your Palate fundraising event, where her years of professional event coordination and catering proved very supportive of the Society’s goals. Marina has continued as a volunteer for Colour Your Palate in the ensuing years.

Within a year or so of first volunteering, Marina joined artsREACH as a Programme Coordinator. A few years later, the position of Administrator was added to her list of responsibilities. During her time as a Programme Coordinator and Administrator, it was necessary for Marina to observe and then participate in some of the workshops provided by the Society. Marina found these experiences to be extremely meaningful and very rewarding; being with the students and watching them ‘come alive’ during the workshops provided by the Society spoke directly to her – so any time she could assist, she did!

However, life and family obligations had other plans for her and she reluctantly had to withdraw from these positions for a few years, but not from her support of the important purpose of the Society. Life, however, has a way of coming full circle, and in 2013, Marina was able to return to artsREACH and to continue her support of this important program as an assistant.

In 2016, Marina single-handedly raised $26,000 for artsREACH by nominating us and delivering the successful pitch at 100+Women Who Care Victoria. She’s a wonder! Read about how she did it.

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