Spring cleaning? We can help!

We are soliciting local businesses to donate surplus goods, factory cast-offs and recycled materials that can be used as alternative art materials.

We  use the donated items for art projects with the kids and at our Pop-Up Shops where we sell “art supplies” by the bagful.

Our last Pop-Up shop was at Cloverdale Traditional School on September 29, 2018. We were very grateful for the sponsorship of The Greater Victoria School District.

Contact us

If anyone has connections to local businesses that might be interested in donating materials that they would otherwise need to discard (think: printing press over runs, cut-outs from a factory line, fabric scraps, cardboard tubes … you name it!) please let us know.

Contact Anne Nilsen at anne@artsreach.ca.

Got storage?

We are also seeking temporary storage facilities for items donated to artsREACH by local businesses.

If you have a basement, closet or shed that could serve this purpose, we would appreciate hearing from you!

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