6-session Class Series: Explorations in Relief Printmaking

Purpose: To provide a set of six 90 minute art-making workshops for a group of 12 students from Grade 3 to Grade 5, in which the students will thoroughly explore at least 3 different methods of relief printmaking to create many individual, original works of art on paper and fabric.  Ideas will be shared and some co-operative group projects will also be made.

Theme: Each set of workshops will have it’s own tailor-made theme chosen by the participants based on their ideas and interests!

Focus: This all-new 6-week programme allows for an in-depth exploration of at least 3 different techniques of relief printmaking. The tools will include natural objects, found objects, recycled, re-purposed and salvaged materials as well a professional print-making tools and media.

Skill Building: Each session will build on skills learned in the previous session. The final art-work created will be an individual relief-printed fabric project (such as a unique pillow case, tote-bag or t-shirt) chosen and designed by each student.

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Child uses blue paint during an artsREACH printmaking workshop


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