Although volunteers and board members, who had set up the PopUp Shop at Cloverdale Traditional School gym, were hopeful that the general public would be interested in purchasing the many items donated, it was to no avail. Besides six tables loaded with items, a children’s Creation Table and the opportunity to learn printmaking skills was also available. The many board members, who set up and worked at the site, want to thank volunteers Eleada Grant and Kjell Nilsen as well as staff Instructors Beth Threlfall and Jane Chadwick. Although posters were sent out to principals to post at schools, flyers were displayed and social media posts were made, only three adults and a few children looked over the items and made a few purchases. At this time there are no plans to repeat this event.
artsREACH appreciates the support of Shelley Green, Superintendent of Schools and principal Sandra Jost who provided free use of the Cloverdale gymnasium and custodial service. Below are a few photos

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