ArtsREACH is a not for profit organization created to provide high quality visual and performing arts training to young children.  We deliver free 60-90 minute workshops in public elementary schools identified as having a higher percentage of vulnerable families.

Research has shown that an involvement in the arts increases a person’s capacity to think critically and act independently. Through artsREACH, children have access to an education in the arts which allows them to  benefit from critical life skills. Through these workshops, children will:

    • develop artistic and creative skills in a positive learning environment

    • gain an appreciation for the arts

    • improve their self-confidence and self-esteem

    • develop teamwork, communication and personal management skills

Since 2005, more than 31,700 children have participated in an artsREACH workshop delivered at their public elementary school. The workshops are taught by professional artists, actors, and dancers.

ArtsREACH Annual Report 2021


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