artsREACH staff receive a cheque for $25,900 from 100+ Women Who Care Victoria

This summer we received a whopping $25,900 from 100+ Women Who Care Victoria.

Have you heard about this organization? It’s incredible! The idea is that one hundred women get together for one hour, they choose a local charity or non-profit organization, and each woman writes a $100 cheque to the selected organization. Just like that, tens of thousands of dollars are donated to worthy causes around Victoria. They meet four times a year, and have a current membership of over 300. Last year, they donated over $100,000 to local charities.

In June, The artsREACH Society was selected as one of the lucky organizations! Here’s how it happened.

Marina Roggeveen, a long-time Visual Arts assistant and supporter of artsREACH, nominated our Society to be the chosen charity at the group’s June 1, 2016 meeting. With nominations vetted in advance and three drawn at random, artsREACH was one of the finalists. As the nominee, it was Marina’s job to make a five-minute presentation about our Society.

Photo courtesy of Tonya Maree Photography

Photo courtesy of Tonya Maree Photography

The presentation guidelines include this advice:

Above all, remember that we are a group of committed and supportive women who want to see you and your nominated charity succeed. Speak from the heart!

Marina did just that. Her passionate pitch about the unique impact of artsREACH programs won the hearts of the attendees.

Marina Roggeveen receives a $25,000+ cheque on behalf of artsREACH from 100+ Women Who Care Victoria.

Our board president Anne Nilsen attended the 100+ Women Who Care Victoria meeting on September 14 and talked about how the funds will be used. The chosen charity at that meeting was Bridges For Women, and we wish them a heartfelt congratulations!

We are so grateful for this injection of funding to support our programs. Special thanks to Marina for nominating us and speaking so eloquently on our behalf, and to the 100+ Women Who Care Victoria for this incredibly generous donation!

If you’d like to become a member 100+ Women Who Care Victoria and make a huge difference to charities in Victoria, check out their Top 10 Reasons to Join. Learn about nominating a charity here.

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